Hackergram Innovation Lab 2019

I’m excited to share that Hackergram has collaborated with Innovation for Change to organize a workshop in India this year. I’m writing to check your availability to attend the Hackergram Innovation Lab 2019 in Sattal, Uttarakhand, India. The theme of the workshop is “Safe Civic Spaces”.  The aim of the event is to create a […]

Getting in the Gaps – Reflections from Ashoka OneSolution

Last weekend, after a long hiatus from conventions and gatherings, I attended the Ashoka OneSolution event in Gurgaon. I am especially grateful to the Ashoka team for inviting me, because while it is always pleasant to meet people dealing with challenges similar to the ones we face at हैकरgram, this event was particularly special. The […]

हैकरgram Residency Program #1

This month we’ve started our first ever paid residency program. We’re quite excited because this is the first time हैकरgram will be generating revenue directly, rather than through an incubated business. The first two residents who’ve applied for and successfully obtained invitations to the first ever हैकरgram Residency program are Karan Joshi and Suryaveer Gaur […]

Social Equity eXchange – The Birds and The Bees

Whether you believe in free will or predestination, reproduction is something you’re not alien to. Everyone thinks about it, everyone has an opinion about it, and everyone is in some way engaged in it. There are several forms of reproduction, but all can be classified into asexual and sexual, with the differentiator being that asexual […]