Sustainable Social Equity eXchange

This year it will be 5 years since हैकरgram came into being. And we’ve been busy doing a lot of things this past 5 years too. To summarize would be to trivialize and the social media streams at the top of the blog should bear testament to what we’ve been up to.

One emergent notion that has only started to become clear since the beginning of this year (finally) is that the sustainable function that  हैकरgram fulfills is the enabling of the exchange of valuable social equity among peers as a basis for trade.

Due to this unique function, we’ve found ourselves supporting and investing our time in a range of activities that enable peer to peer exchanges, ranging from Community Owned Wireless Mesh Networks to slow food serving, invite only peer spaces like The Bong Book Cafe. We’ve also done a fair amount of voluntary technical research and data collection through our friends The Mojolab Foundation and begun to leverage our experiences to train new members of the community through for profit educational services like TechZone Academy.

Since last year we’ve been studying the blockchain ecosystem very closely as a means to quantifying and making social equity exchange more fun and productive for everyone involved.

Watch this space for updates as we share our ideas and findings!

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